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From fiction and fantasy to memoir and self-help, find a list of authors to check out below!


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Hi, my name is Ine and most often I write in the genres of fantasy, historical fiction, romance, and LGBT. Currently I have four published short stories that have been included in the Zasra Press anthologies Blood and Betrayal and Trials by Tides, and a fifth one will be published in Rogues and Redeemers in 2023. I’m also working on a WIP called With Figs as Witness with my friend Kida Langås.


I have a master’s degree as an elementary school teacher where I majored in Norwegian, English and religion. Useful subjects when you’re a writer on the side, I’d say. My master thesis examined the availability and teachers’ views of LGBT literature in Norwegian schools, so I’d definitely say that having well written and diverse LGBT characters in stories is important to me.


During my free time, my head is very often filled with thoughts and ideas about new characters, stories, and plots. Other than that,  I read, go on trail rides with my Icelandic horse Hátið, play D&D, and spend a lot of time with my family and friends.

Rogues and Redeemers
Trials By Tides
Blood and Betrayal


Hi, my name is Kida and my go-to genres are fantasy, historical fiction, romance and lgbt. I have one published short story in Trials by Tides: A Zasra Press Anthology. I have a small handful of WIPs at hand most of the time. Currently it is With Figs as Witness, a gay historical fiction romance I write with my dear friend Ine Gausel. I also have two unnamed short stories to work on. Novels are my passion but I wish to be a versatile writer all the same, so I am spending more time plotting and writing short stories to become comfortable with them.


My free time is mostly spent divided between writing, photographing and horses. I train a beautiful friesian named Rimkert, and an adorable fjord horse named Niten. I have a good group of friends I spend a lot of time with, whether that is playing D&D, watching movies or going to the gym. Recently I started writing to a couple of pen-pals. Getting mail has never been so fun.

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Ine Gausel
Kida Langås
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