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On April 3rd 2023, we opened our submissions for SHADOWTOUCHED!

SHADOWTOUCHED is an anthology for characters that are more than they seem...

We are looking for stories that feature some sort of agent of subterfuge that fall into the SFF umbrella. Characters that cheat, bend the rules, or "borrow" goods, as well as poisonings, hoaxes, and elaborate schemes are welcome!

Shoot us a message for any questions, comments, or concerns.

Some notes:

♧ We will be closing submissions on August 4th, 2023. If you require an extension, email us as soon as you can.

◇ We will not be closing submissions until the deadline. This means we will not be making decisions until all stories are received to be fair to all submissions.

♡ Please make sure you visit our website to acquaint yourselves with the submission policies.

♤ Don't be afraid to experiment! We love ingenuity and novelty.


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